Travel Blog

Day 2
We’re here for 24hrs now and everything worked out pretty good so far. Currently we’re trying to get rid off our jetlag, which might take a while though. We still have to prepare a lot of stuff until our first interview on October 17th. Light shopping today was not successful, since Home Depot didn’t have our favorite choice of work lights – we’ll hopefully get them tomorrow. But we are staying at a really cool place with really nice people, right in the middle of Brooklyn, which is really awesome. Well, good night for now.

Day 3
Today we managed to buy the lights – we did a test run and they work great!
Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing Kelly Leonard from xsisterhoodx in New Haven, CT, which should be really interesting.

Day 4
We did our first interview today with Kelly Leonard from xsisterhoodx, as previously mentioned. Everything worked out really well and we are very happy with the outcome. We slept for only 5hrs due to our Brooklyn neighbor testing his new car stereo at 2am in the morning and had a pretty basic start into the day with 2 bagels and some water. But the interview itself was great and it was a pleasure to meet Kelly and the three dogs living with her in a charming New England house in New Haven.
New Haven itself seems like a really relaxed place to live with a friendly downtown area and lots of old gothic style Yale university buildings.
Now we are back in Brooklyn and getting ready for our next interview.

Day 5


Yesterday we did some New York sightseeing and filming.
In the evening we got a call that there is a chance to do an interview with Karl Buechner from Earth Crisis, whom we’ve tried to contact previously with no success. Karl was in New York for a CMJ showcase in the Bowery with his band Freya. The circumstances were not perfect at all, as everything was really hectic and we had to do the interview in the basement of the Bowery Poetry Club where the lighting was not that good, plus it was quite noisy. Nevertheless we made the best out of it and Karl gave us some really good statements. The Freya show was only a very short set and there was not a very large crowd around, but we filmed some of it, so yeah, a pretty good day.
Today we’ll be talking to Bill French from Cherem, and then tomorrow we will be at the Edge Day show near Boston. Until now we don’t have a place to sleep but that shouldn’t be a problem i hope…

Day 7


Hello from Boston. Yesterday we travelled from New York to Boston via cheap but good Fung Wah bus, which took about 4 hrs. After that we had to take the train to Haverhill, where this years Edge Day show took place. Bands playing included Have Heart, Verse, The First Step, Get The Most, Resist, Foundation, Ten Yard Fight (Reunion) and 5 more.
The show was pretty insane, a lot of SXE kids from all over the US made it to Haverhill, which is basically in the middle of nowhere.
We stayed with Ryan from Have Heart and the Foundation kids, who just flew up for this show from Atlanta.
We’ll return to New York tonight, before that we’ll hopefully manage to interview Pat Flynn from Have Heart, who is actually still asleep…

Day 8


We’re back in Brooklyn right now, after a really long day. We managed to interview Pat Flynn from Have Heart yesterday, then we returned to New York, and interviewed Bill French from Cherem this morning. In the afternoon we filmed the Peter Young talk at the Brooklyn Law School. Wow, quite a day. So we’re off to Philly tomorrow morning – after we’ve bought more tapes since we’ve already got about 14hrs of footage.

Day 11
So we’re in philly now, and its been raining a lot here. Yesterday we interviewed Peter Young and Bull from R.A.M.B.O., both two very interesting personalities and again two very interesting interviews.
Its good to know that Philly has the highest rate of murders in the US, which is a slightly intimidating fact if you take the trolley and miss the station your going to about 10 blocks late at night…
Tomorrow we’re off to Washington DC.

Day 14


We’re about to leave DC in a few hours, embarking on a 16hr busride to Indianapolis. I really hate long busrides, but we stocked up on a good variety of snacks yesterday, plus all Ipods are charged, so hopefully it will be a good trip.
DC was great, we interviewed Ian MacKaye yesterday and he gave us a detailled tour of Minor Threat, Fugazi and Dischord records history, then last night we had the honor to stay at Dischord house. Today we did the full tourist thing in DC, White House, Capitol, National Mall, National Botanical Gardens – you name it, we were probably there.
Basla from Beauty Pill / Del Cielo was our guide today and it was awesome to hang out, thanks Basla!

Day 15
We’re in Indianapolis right now, after a crazy 16 hr busride with Greyhound. We sure met some interesting folks on the bus and we probably slept for about 1hr total, great! We got to know a lot of highway Taco Bell, Starbucks and KFC bathrooms as well. Anyhow, we’re at the Catalyst Records headquarters now and i should probably get some sleep now.

Day 19
We’re in Oxford, Missisippi right now, a small city south of Memphis. The OLE MISS, a public university, with a quite huge campus is located here and we’ve travelled all the way from Indianapolis to meet with Ross Haenfler, who is teaching at the department of sociology. He’s also the author of ‘Straight Edge: Clean Living Youth, Hardcore Music, and Social Change‘ a book that examines the straight edge movement from a sociological perspective. We’ll be interviewing him today and we’ve filmed his class yesterday.
The trip down here was definitely our last travel ever with Greyhound – a quite exhausting experience. Nevertheless from a sociological perspective, greyhound travel sure is a field yet to be researched, ha.
On november 5th we’ll be flying to Las Vegas, stay there for a probably insane 12hrs and then fly to Los Angeles from there, embarking on our east coast arm of the project. Yesterday half of our trip was over and so far its all been working out much better than expected!

Day 25


After various travels we finally arrived on the west coast and we’re currently at the University of Santa Cruz California, where we’ll be doing an interview with an activist regarding his involvement in the protests against the LRDP development plan, a plan to develop 120 acres of forest in order to accommodate 4,500 new students and a Biomedical Sciences building for live animal experimentation.
There was a rally today which ended in a confrontation with the police, which blocked protesters from providing activists involved in a treesit with food supplies.
Tomorrow we’ll be meeting Russ Rankin from Only Crime / Good Riddance for an interview.

Day 29


We’re in sunny Santa Barbara right now, staying with our friend Allan. After a rainy day in San Francisco we’ve driven down here where the weather has just been really awesome. We’d say the warmest so far. Oh and there are some wonderful beaches around here. Two days ago we interviewed Kent McClard who runs Ebullition Records in Goleta, California. It was great to meet him and to get a tour of the Ebullition warehouse. The day after we did an interview with Eva the singer from Gather, which turned out pretty good as well.
We still have 5 days left on our trip and 3 more interviews. I think we’ll drive to L.A. on the 15th.
Its gonna be sooo cold in germany. Urgh!

Day 35

So. Its the last day of our roadtrip and we’re ready to head to the airport in the morning to return to Germany. We’ve had a great time in L.A., and managed to do an interview with Ray Cappo, which turned out as one of the most interesting so far. The weather was great here and if it wasn’t for the dense smog in L.A. we could have probably even seen the blue sky. Oh well. We should mention that L.A. is a huge place and public transportation is really really bad, all the freeways are full at rush hour, but fortunately there is such as thing as the car pool lane, which allows cars with 2 or more passengers to get to places much faster, which helped us to get to our interviews in time.

To everyone who supported us on our journey, who gave us a space to sleep and who helped out in any other way, thank you so much, its been a really awesome time and fun to work on this project!